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另一半的天空 Other Half of the Sky


她们是中国最成功的4位女商人,是经历过中国文革时期的艰辛,又经历了随后的经济快速发展的一代,她们通过自己的努力,奋斗到了父权社会的金字塔顶。这4位中国成功女性当中,杨澜是一家引领潮流的私营媒体公司的老板;董明珠是一位坚韧的女性CEO,领导着全球最大的空调系统制造公司;张兰是一位豪华酒店领域的巨头;Zhou Yi是一家美国IT公司的高层管理者。这部影片以尖锐而又独特的视角展现了女性高管们的心态,也展现了现阶段中国正在进行的巨大转型。

They are four of the most successful businesswomen in China: belonging to a generation who experienced the austerity of China's cultural revolution, followed by the subsequent economic boom, they have worked their way to the very top in a patriarchal society. Other Half of the Sky follows four successful women in China: Yang Lan is the owner of one of the leading private media companies. Dong Mingzhu is a tenacious female CEO, heading up the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems. Zhang Lan is a tycoon in the luxury restaurant business. Zhou Yi is a top manager working for a big American IT company. The film takes an intense and unique look at the mentalities of female executives and explores the huge transformation taking place in China today.

Venue Address 场地地址:
Min Sheng Art Museum9 Jiu Xian Qiao North Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
民生现代美术馆 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥9号

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