The China Women's Film Festivals are the biggest events we host each year. During the festivals, films that highlight gender inequality and LGBTQ+ rights in China and around the world are screened in various cultural centers, embassies, and event spaces around Beijing and Hong Kong for two weeks.

The festivals aims to address gender inequality through a variety of films, forums, and discussions dealing with women’s issues. The CWFF works to increase public awareness and visibility of female directors, women in art, and the multitude of challenges facing women and LGBTQ+ people around the world. The festivals will present an opportunity for national and international filmmakers, academics and female activists to network, exchange ideas and strengthen women’s roles in the film (community). 

Foreign and Chinese films that portray women’s lives and narratives are selected each year for the film festival. These feature films and documentaries come from many different countries and illuminate the fact that even though the problems women face may differ from region to region, no place has truly achieved gender equality. Even among developed countries with progressive social movements, women are still confronted with stigmas, roadblocks, and the ever-present glass ceiling.