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疯了 Ma Folie


Hanna 爱着 Yann,也爱他寄给她的情书:用 iPhone 录制的短而富有诗意的电影。然而,Yann 的爱并不止 于此。他的视频信件构成威胁,Hanna 不知道该信任谁。本片开始是一个浪漫的爱情故事,但逐渐变成复杂 的心理惊悚片,模糊了内在和外在知觉之间,以及真相和欺骗之间的界限。

Hanna loves Yann and the love letters that he sends her: short, poetic films recorded with an iPhone. However, Yann does not leave her alone. His video-letters become a threat and Hanna does not know whom to trust. Ma Folie starts as a romantic love-story but gradually turns out to be a complex psychological thriller, blurring the lines between internal and external perception, as well as truth and deception. 

Venue Address 场地地址:
Instituto Cervantes A1 Gong Ti Nan Lu, Chao Yang Qu, Beijing
塞万提斯学院 北京市朝阳区工体南路甲1号

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