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跨越山峰 + 论坛:女性媒体,CSR Over the Hill + Forum: Representation of Women in the Media

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本片以独特的视角审视时尚和化妆品行业,特别是它们不可思议的说服力,它们并不会让女性对自己感觉良好, 反倒是让女性感到更差、更脆弱,去追寻一个并不真实存在的完美的美丽。这部影片是对商业力量越来越侵入 我们身体的时代的强有力的分析。

Over the Hill takes a unique look at the fashion and cosmetics industry and their uncanny powers of persuasion. Rather than making women feel better about themselves, they actually make them feel worse and vulnerable to a seductive and corrupting business as women struggle to achieve a beauty ideal that doesn't really exist. The film is a powerful analysis of an age in which forces of the economy increasingly worm their way into our bodies. 

Venue Address 场地地址:
Dutch Embassy
 4 Liang Ma He South Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing
荷兰驻华大使馆 北京市朝阳区亮马河南路4号


Sunny Bergman

桑尼·柏格曼是一位荷兰导演,她的纪录片《跨越 山峰》将在今年的中国国际女性影展上展映。2012 年,她的系列纪录片《性的阳光面》,获得了迪克·舍 尔彭泽尔奖 (Dick Sherpenzeel Prize),该片探索 了世界上西方之外的国家的性、女性气质和女性身 体。柏格曼还在乌特勒支大学讲授性别研究,并积 极参与性别理论和研究的实践。 

Sunny Bergman is a Dutch filmmaker whose film Over the Hill will screen at this year’s China Women’s Film Festival. Her 4-part documentary series, Sunny Side of Sex, which explored sexuality, femininity and the female body in non-Western parts of the world, won the Dick Sherpenzeel Prize in 2012. Bergman has also lectured at Utrecht University on the importance of doing gender work combined with active involvement in the practice of gender theory and research. 


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Wang Fang




王昉1999年本科毕业于复旦大学新闻系。1999年至2001年,她在Shanghai Daily任电信产业记者。2001年至2003年在美国纽约大学学习财经新闻,获硕士学位。

Fang Wang is senior editor and head of video content of, the Chinese website published by the UK’s Financial Times (FT). Based in Beijing, she reports to the editor in chief.

Fang joined the FT in May 2003 in New York City as assistant online editor for She was transferred to Hong Kong shortly afterwards to join the FT’s newly established Asia Pacific news center, where she was online news editor for four years. In July 2007 she was transferred to the FT’s London head office and worked on the Interactive Desk as multimedia producer for two years.

She moved back to China and joined in April 2009 with dual responsibilities as duty editor, commissioning and editing key op-eds, and as head of video content.

During her reporting career she has interviewed numerous Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel laureates, China watchers, politicians, scholars and artists. She has a strong interest in China’s development issues, including its growth model, environment, media, and its relationship with the outside world.   

Fang graduated from New York University in 2003 with a Master's degree in business and economic reporting. She received her Bachelor's degree in journalism from Fudan University in Shanghai in 1999. Between 1999 and 2001 she was a business reporter with Shanghai Daily covering China’s telecoms industry.

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