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迷失 + 家庭暴力问答 Lost + Domestic Violence Q&A


    这个故事发生在雯长期陷入抑郁与困惑的其中两天。这一天雯的大学同学小宝的酒吧开张,见面后两人因为电影配乐的事情约第二天再次见面。第二天雯在去见小宝的路上却意外地看见了阿杰和另外一个女人。 雯想逃离,逃离当下的生活,逃离阿杰,逃离自身的困惑。在她努力与小宝接触的过程里,她却发现,小宝与她根本就是两个世界。她发觉一切都逃不出生活,生活本身就是最困难的事。

The story happened in two days that Wen was suffering from severe depression. One day, Xiao Bao, Wen’s classmate, opened a new bar. They decided to meet up again the next day again to discuss the music for Jie, Wen's boyfriend's, new movie. On her way to meet Xiaobao, Wen saw Jie with another girl. Wen wanted to get rid all the things in her life in order to get rid of Jie and her sadness. In the process of getting to know Xiaobao, she discovered that he is living a totally different life, and is not someone she can be partners with. Through this experience, Wen realized that real life itself is the hardest thing to overcome. We can’t solve our problems without facing reality.

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Crossroads Centre 18 Da Shi Qiao Hu Tong Jiu Gu Lou Da Jie
交差点中心 北京市西城区旧鼓楼大街大石桥胡同18号

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