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国内纪录短片精选 A Selection of Short Chinese Documentaries

The Old Man and the Balloon 

山东菏泽人安爷,自由职业,卖气球,来北京 11 年,刚开始在建筑工地干活,因为太老被炒鱿鱼,就算是看大门也没人要,只能卖气球。一个七十岁的老头,四个孩子的父亲。本想熬到小儿子大学毕业就不干了,但是, 想到儿子结婚还没钱,儿子买房的钱怎么办?生活还得继续,还得接着卖气球。

The peaceful old man from Heze, Shandong enjoys a carefree job of selling balloons. He has been in Beijing for 11 years and just started working at a construction site. Because he is too old to be fired, he decided he can only sell balloons. He is 70-year-old man and the father of four children. He would like to quit after his youngest son graduates from University but when he thinks of his son getting married without any money he doesn't know if he can. How will his son buy a house? Life has to go on. He still has to sell balloons. 

A Portrait of Life 

2002 年,徐文琳、刘文莉、周小红从内蒙坐着火车,怀揣着演员梦想来到北京。十年后,2012 年到 2017 年之间, 生活与梦想不停的发生变化。

In 2002, Xu Wenlin, Liu Wenli, and Zhou Xiaohong took a train from Inner Mongolia to Beijing in order to fulfill the actress' dream. Ten years later, between 2012 and 2017, her life and her dream constantly changed. 

Venue address 场地地址:
Crossroads Centre
18 Da Shi Qiao Hu Tong Jiu Gu Lou Da Jie, Xi Cheng District, Beijing
交差点中心 北京市西城区旧鼓楼大街大石桥18号

Later Event: September 19
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