When a pregnant university student in 1968 attempts to take her own life, her friends Rose and Janice find a doctor willing to perform an illegal abortion to save her. Sparked by this experience, they form the Jane Collective: a secret organization to help women obtain safe abortions in a time when they were punishable by a prison sentence. Operating like a spy network, complete with blindfolds and code names, the Janes help thousands of women - but they can't hide from the police forever.

Director’s Biography

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Rachel Carey

Rachel Carey is an award-winning writer and director. Her recent project Takers, a 1-hour TV pilot that she wrote and directed, won the award for Best Actress at Seriesfest in 2016 and played at festivals nationwide. The music video Stiff Arm that she directed for independent artist Lily Finessy was the winner of Best Music Video in the 2016 American Movie Awards. Her novel Debt was optioned to be turned into a television series by Calamity Jane, Ellen Pompeo’s production company. Rachel holds an MFA in film directing from NYU and a BA in English from Yale University.