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This film is about birds and dreams. Birds dream is shot using stop-motion technique, and its ‘actors’ are bird models handcrafted by the artist. Its concept derives from the artist’s own live performance the Sparrow and the Raven (2012), which had been performed both nationally and internationally.

A new-born sparrow entered a world full of colourful objects and strange birds. When curiously idling in this world, the sparrow found a young raven with which it began to explore the place together. They encountered all sorts of strange birds and mysterious geometric shapes of different colours. Their encounters have made them bewilder and fantasise, soon their body start to change as well…

Director Biography

Born in 1985, Chai Mi currently lives and works in her hometown Beijing as a artist. Chai Mi’s fine art practice involves a wide range of media, including painting, paper-craft, video and live performing among the others. Interesting on hand crafting, she always absorbs new ideas, combines them with existing methods to innovate. Her work has been shown at many state art museums, cultural organizations, film festival and music festival both nationally and internationally.

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Chai Mi