It is the summer of 1978, a month to go until the Camp David peace accords, but Michal is not worried by world affairs. Her 7 year old daughter Maya has yet to learn how to read and write and her teacher wants to hold her back a year. Michal rises to the occasion and vows that by the end of the summer Maya will read, write and move on to the next grade. But this summer is set to be full of surprises for the family. Michal's father, Haim, who has been missing for twenty years, suddenly returns, and brings with him the family's dark past and hidden secrets. By summer's end Michal and her sister Naomi will have to deal with the past they have tried so hard to bury and the painful, yet liberating process will eventually lead them onto a new path.

director biography

Noa graduated her studies in TV and Cinema from Sapir College in 1994. She is the recipient of the prestigious Aliza Shagrir Prize; for her student film Seret Bruto. In the first stages of her career Noa worked as first director’s assistant in feature films and TV drama series. In 2000 Noa began her journey as a documentary director on TV productions. Since 2000 she has directed documentary journal articles, films and series.