'France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time, she loses control…

Director Biography

Maxime Feyers was born in 1980 in Belgium. He is an actor, director and producer based in Brussels. His first short film as a director Come What May, released in 2012, was programmed in more than 50 festivals around the world (Los Angeles, Shanghai, Busan, Raindance, Brussels, Paris,...) and broadcasted on FR3 (French TV), RTBF (Belgian TV) and Japanese tv. He also directed one episode (52’) of the Japanese TV Docu-series ‘Rendez-vous à Paris’. Maxime also produced and co-produced several short films (The Dancing by Edith Depaule, Marlon by Jessica Palud,...). He is also an actor for shorts, features, theatre plays and commercials. Calamity is his second short film, directed with Severine De Streyker, released in 2017. He is now working on his next project, a feature film. This new project was developed at the Villa Lena Foundation in Tuscany where Maxime was selected as a resident artist.

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Maxime Feyers