When their lingerie factory goes bankrupt, the employees, mostly women, attempt to take it over by forming a cooperative. As their project takes shape, they come up against their boss and the reality of the marketplace. Their little enterprise becomes a theater where, in an impish tone, fundamental economic and social issues are played out amidst the bras and panties. Out of their adventure and struggles together comes a new-found freedom.

Director Biography

Born in 1963, Mariana Otero, after studying film at IDHEC passion for the documentary. She made everal films including Arte School Law which became the first documentary series chain. Between 1995 and 2000, Mariana Otero lived in Portugal, where she directed CETTE TÉLÉVISION EST LA VÔTRE. Revealing the operation of the largest commercial television in the country, the CIS, the film will create a huge controversy. Mariana Otero then returned to France and turned to cinema HISTOIRE D’UN SECRET. This film, after investigating a family secret reveals a political and social taboo. It will be awarded in many international festivals. In 2010, Mariana Otero realize our hands, which tells how employees find new freedom by trying to transform their business cooperative. 

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Mariana Otero