Hannah Arendt is a portrait of the genius philosopher that shook the world with her discovery of “the banality of evil”. After she attends the Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s trial in Jerusalem, Arendt dares to write about the Holocaust in terms no one had ever heard before.

The film portrays Hannah Arendt during the four years (1961 to 1964) that she observes, writes, and endures the reception of her work on the trial of the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. Watching Arendt as she attends the trial, staying by her side as she is both barraged by her critics and supported by a tight band of loyal friends, we experience the intensity of this powerful Jewish woman who fled Nazi Germany in 1933.

Director Biography

Margarethe Von Trotta was born in Berlin in 1942. She ranks among the world’s most renowned directors with controversial films such as Rosa Luxemburg (1986), Rosenstraße (2003) and Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen (2009).

Hannah Arendt -Director Margarethe von Trotta

Margarethe von Trotta