Two sisters and their mother are forced to set aside their differences as they reflect on the lives they are living and the homes they are running. Gijsje is a young, ambitious control freak who is desperate to get pregnant and climb the ladder at the advertising agency where she works. Her older sister Marjolein is married with three kids and has just lost her job as a journalist. Her new ambition: to become a school run mum. Their bohemian mother Loes has got herself into trouble by taking out too many mortgages on her beautiful home. Gijsje and Marjolein cannot bear to lose their family home and start looking for a way to save it. Only the bonus that Gijsje can earn by coming up with the golden idea for an advertising campaign can get them out of financial trouble. This means working with her attractive colleague Dominique to explore the concept of the "modern day housewife"; a task that dredges up a lot more than the women ever bargained for. "No such thing as housewives" is based on the popular theatre performance "The Housewife Monologues".