Austria, 1995. Jasmin, Tamara, Roman, Senad and Valentin, five young people of various ethnic backgrounds, meet in Vienna and share their lives, dreams and wishes for a short time. They all try to find their happiness in their own way. Either alone, in pairs of two, and occasionally in harmony, sometimes in conflict with themselves and sometimes in conflict with each other. Living on the north side of the city between temporary jobs, unwanted pregnancies, suppressed memories of the war in Yugoslavia, and the task of protecting Austria's border with force, these five young people try to give each other moral support and warmth. Though often clumsy in expressing themselves and their emotions, they are filled with the need to love and be loved until their lives take them in different directions.

Director Biography

Barbara Albert was born in 1970 in Vienna. She studied theatre science, German philology and journalism, in 1991 she started to study screenwriting and direction at the Vienna Film Academy. After she worked as 1st AD and after her international successful short film, her first feature film Northern Skirts followed (Biennale di Venezia, 1999). In the same year she founded the production company coop99, together with Martin Gschlacht, Jessica Hausner and Antonin Svoboda.

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Céline Sciamma