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Out of Place follows Hong Kong native Bobbie Huthart, who has lived a life as a successful businessman, playboy and father, as she travels to Thailand for sex-reassignment surgery and transitions to life as a woman. Intertwined with Bobbie’s journey is the story of Mr. C, a Young trans man from Guizhou bringing China’s first transgender labour discrimination case to court. The film juxtaposes Bobbie and Mr. C’s divergent challenges and victories, and delves into the experiences of transgender people in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Director Biography

Han Xia is a director and producer based in Beijing. A graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, her short films and documentary work deal with young Chinese of different backgrounds, expressing their voices through unique perspectives.

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Joshua Frank

Co-Director/Director of Photography biography

Joshua Frank is a Canadian documentary cinematographer based in New York. His work has focused on food culture, LGBTQ issues, Internet subcultures and emerging music. His short documentary, “Collecting Insanity,” on the Jianchuan Museum’s controversial collection of historical relics, was featured in New York’s Photoville festival.