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Three women, all strangers to each other, meet in a dress boutique. One of the three is approached by the male proprietor as she is shoplifting a garment. When he approaches her the other two join her in beating the man to death. Other female shoppers ignore the whole situation and leave when the crime is complete. The court appoints a female psychiatrist to examine the women; contrary to public opinion the psychiatrist finds they are not insane but implies the rage expressed by the crimes is a result of the male dominated society.

Director Biography

Marleen Gorris was born on December 9, 1948 in Roermondm Limburg, Netherlands. She is a director and writer, known for Antonia's Line (1995), Mrs Dolloway (1997) and The Luzhin Defence (2000). She studied Drama at the University of Amsterdam, has an MA in Drama from the University of Birmingham, England. With Antonia's Line she became the first woman to direct a movie that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.


Marleen Gorris