Sookee - Of Seahorses and Closets is a multilayered and intimate portrait of Sookee, a famous queer-feminist Hip Hop Artist and left-wing activist in Germany. She fights against sexism, homophobia and racism - in german society and, especially, in german hip-hop for years now. Whether she’s putting on makeup, performing on big stages, giving lectures to students or at schools, rapping at a lesbian wedding, cooking with her mother or writing lyrics in a berlin park - her life and thoughts revolve always around her message: Tolerance and love instead of discrimination and stereotyping. Diversity instead of binary thinking. Seahorses instead of closets.

Director Biography

Jungehülsing trained professionally as a director and screenwriter in Quebec, Karlsruhe, and Zürich and received international awards for her fictional short films 510 meters above sea level and Last round, as well as for her full-feature documentary debut Everything but oom-pa-pa. She recently completed her first full-feature film for cinema: a tragicomedy road movie featuring a high-profile cast which received the german critics award. Moreover, being the creative director of Serienwerk; she focuses on pushing strong female characters and authors.


Johannes Jungehülsing