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Sava is stranded in Austria after the van he's been hiding in has an accident. He starts out again to reach Spain, and makes many encounters on the way - men and women full of anger, dreams, disillusions, heavy secrets. They all distract him from his goal, waylay him, and especially Magdalena, for whom it's worth being distracted…

Director Biography

Anja Salomonowitz studies editing and directing at the Filmakademie in Vienna and the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Her first films, You will never understand this and It happened just before, both documentaries crossing the line between reality and fiction, were awarded and well received internationally. Spain was Anja Salomonowitz’s first feature film. Her recent feature length documentary The 727 days without Karamo was premiered at Berlinale’s International Forum of young cinema 2013.
Anja Salomonowitz lives and works in Vienna.

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 Anja Salomonowitz