“If you love me, then fuck me!” Mika and Tesfay. She: a photographer. He: a musician. Both up-and-coming. The first true romance. But an invisible conflict, an unnamable shame, stirs between their sheets. An insidious power game is in play, with its rules changing like music beats at the parties in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Ibiza. Behind closed doors and beautifying filters lies a raw reality where Mika’s control over her mind and body is at stake. In her debut feature film, actress, director and auteur Fanni Metelius rips apart relationship prejudices and explores what really makes our pulses quicken in matters of the modern heart.

Director biography

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Fanny Metelius

With award-winning shorts and a celebrated performance in Ruben Östlund’s feature Force Majeure under her belt, Swedish director, screenwriter and actress Fanni Metelius is being hailed as a generational auteur. The Heart is Metelius’ debut feature, bringing her raw, novel gaze on society and her BFA (Film Directing/Producing), to full fruition.