One day, six-year-old Leelo’s school teacher mother is taken away by soldiers and the little girl has to find answers to a lot of questions on her own: why is the blue-black-white flag forbidden, what’s a traitor, why is a scary NKVD detective snooping around in their home and is being a Soviet Pioneer a thing of honor or shame? Through frequently tragicomic situations, Leelo tries to be as good a girl as she can in the two-faced, Stalinist world around her so that her mother will one day come back home.

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Moonika Siimets

Director’s Biography

Moonika Siimets is a talented Estonian female director and scriptwriter. She graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University and attended Judith Weston’s scriptwriting and directing master classes in Los Angeles. She has directed award-winning documentaries, TV series, and short films, including Is It You?, which screened at Stockholm Film Festival (2013), The Last Romeo (2013), and Pink Cardigan (2014). Her documentary credits include Report: Green Estonia (2007), Another Dimension (2012), Trendy Dog (2010), and World Champion (2009). In 2018 she was one of six women to direct a short clip for the documentary film Roots. Her first feature film The Little Comrade (2018) premiered in Busan IFF and recieved the BNK Busan Bank Award (Audience Award).