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Pretentious Huang Jiaxian is an old dream of living in their own star. He enjoyed the flowers and applause, living thousands of pet in one's life, but he did not know he had been abandoned or forgotten, and he saw everything is just "dream", when he returned from "dream" to wake to, when dropped from the clouds, he seemed a helpless child disoriented, extreme, stubborn struggle and he tried to escape ....

Director Biography

Congxiao, a youth director from China, graduated from Central Academy of Drama. Her major was movie and TV playwright-director. Congxiao became a script writers after she graduated. The movie The Old Famous Star is her debut as a director. She has also written scripts for films such as, The Bus, Keep Moving, The Nightingale, and others. She once won the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum(HAF) gold award and the most potential marketing award at the Shanghai International Film Festival in the Chinese film project creation (CFPC) category. 

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