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Basma is a 25 year old girl who plays the role of a person wearing the hijab. This girl, who lives in a Muslim rural society that practices its religious customs and traditions, has reached the point where her inner conflicts need to surge. When Basma’s questions started seeking answers, she confronted her parents wearing the hijab to gauge their reaction. Basma allowed herself to face several situations, for the first time, to experience what lies deep inside her and to carefully examine, observe and question those customs and traditions.

Director Biography

Basma Farhat is a Lebanese director who has recently received a degree in filmmaking from the renowned Saint Joseph University-Beirut. Over the past 3 years, she has worked in the field as an assistant director on both short and feature films, music videos, and advertisements. The Shield that I Carry is her first official short film as a director; An experimental docu-drama that deals with her personal struggle as well as the societal attitudes prevalent in her environment in regards to the subject of the Islamic hijab.

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Basma Farhat