Shot on super 16mm B&W and color, You and Me Are Stitched is a film that follows three main characters as they interact with each other. Through meticulous orchestration of visual and textual elements it explores variations of human groupings that are mutable over time. Karaoke text creates conflict with the traditional experience of a silent audience, constantly pushing and pulling the audience from their ingrained viewing habits.

Director Biography

 Incorporating live action film and video, performance art and animation, Ying Liu’s (1984, China) work combines various forms to create mental landscapes of imagined connections between words, objects, shapes and sounds in order to explore the fluidity of consciousness. In addition to her film and video work, she makes performances that deal with language, odd objects and cerebral activity. Grew up in a small island, named Zhoushan, in the eastern China sea, she holds an MFA in Film Production from The University of Texas at Austin and recently had her first solo film and video screening at Emily Harvey Foundation, a Fluxus gallery, in New York City.

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Ying Liu