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国内短片精选 A Selection of Short Chinese Films



故事发生在黄土高原,主人公花儿是农村妇女悲剧性的代表,她向往美好,却又不得不被生活的现实绊住脚步。 像花儿一样的人在这世界上有千千万万,他们难以改变生命的困窘,被生活所吞噬,理所应当的承受着生命中 的该与不该。他们生若蝼蚁,却韧如蒲草,生命本身就是他们活下去的意义。

The story takes place in Loess Plateau, the main character Flower is a representation of the tragedies of rural women and yearns for a better life but reality causes her steps to stumble. There are countless number of people like Flower in this world, finding it difficult to change their challenges and swallowed by the cruelties, simply just enduring the vicissitudes of life. They live like ants, but are as tough as the bulrush plant. Life itself is their reason for living. 

In a River of Disorder


The story happened in two days that Wen was suffering from severe depression. One day, Xiao Bao, Wen's classmate, opened a new bar. They decided to meet up again the next day again to discuss the music for Jie, Wen's boyfriend's, new movie. On her way to meet Xiaobao, Wen saw Jie with another girl. Wen wanted to get rid all the things in her life in order to get rid of Jie and her sadness. In the process of getting to know Xiaobao, she discovered that he is living a totally different life, and is not someone she can be partners with. Through this experience, Wen realized that real life itself is the hardest thing to overcome. We can't solve our problems without facing reality. 



The movie "Red" describes the story of a young girl. The girl, Xiao Qiu is from the countryside who works in a small commodity wholesale shop in Yiwu. The bottom of the Yiwu's city landscape is full of cheap labor and hidden desires. In order to rebel against her parents' "arranged marriage" plan, Xiao Qiu left her village to do hard, laborious work. Her dream was to labor while also working on the side at a small business in order to make money. It was here that Xiao Qiu became acquainted with A Cheng, a person from her same village. A Cheng constantly harassed Xiao Qiu. Finally, Xiao Qiu was forced into sex work and met A Cheng again, and the identity of the two aligned. Finally, the huge city did not become Xiao Qiu's home, and she recognized that she had to leave the city, however she did not know where to go. All that she did know was that she could not go back to her rural hometown. 

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