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聪明的女人: 动画短片精选 Tricky Women: A Series of Short Films

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《聪明的女人》是专门展映出自女性导演之手的动画片的奥地利电影节,本届中国国际女性影展將展映她们的 名为“动荡的时代 熟悉的土地”的动画短片精选集。该精选集展现当代奥地利女性动画制作者的成就,奥地利联邦欧洲、融入和对外事务部助力在全世界巡回展映。该精选集展现了各种不同的技术和成就,让我们看到艺术家如何呈现身边的和前所未有的主题。

Tricky Women is an Austrian Film Festival that focuses on animated films made by women. Their program, Turbulent Times, Familiar Places, which will be screened at the CWFF, assembles contemporary positions of Austrian female animation filmmakers and is currently touring around the world with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration, and Foreign Affairs. The program offers an insight into the various techniques and work processes with which the artists shift the attention to relevant and unprecedented topics. 

Venue address 场地地址
Goethe-Institut Originality Square, 798 District, 2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
北京德国文化中心 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区创意广场

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