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卷轴中的女性 + 论坛 Reel Women Seen + Forum w/ Marie Vermeiren and Christine Willes


Reel Women Seen tells the story of the realities faced by women in the film and TV industry yet simultaneously depicts the necessary, possible and achievable ways to transform them. Set in common TV backdrops – from police procedural to sitcom, to medical drama, to BTS webisode series. One continuous narrative unfolds through a series of brief parodies, ending with resolve for change. The project features an ensemble cast of women as widely diverse as imaginable. 

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Marie Vermeiren 是一位比利时电影制作人,也是 专注于女性艺术家主题的策展人。2008 年,她参与 创立了“Elles Tournent”,也就是比利时布鲁塞 尔女性电影节,至今她仍是主要成员之一。 

Marie Vermeiren is a Belgium filmmaker and a curator of events around women artists. In 2008 she co-founded Elles Tournent, the Women’s Film Festival in Brussels (Belgium) of which she remains an active member.




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作为温哥华最好的演员之一,克里斯汀·威尔斯在电 视、舞台剧和电影方面都有着丰富的经验。在艾美 奖提名的电视连续剧《死神有约》中克里斯汀饰演 德洛丽丝·赫希特,并三次获得杰西·理查森戏剧奖。 克莉丝汀还担任国际演员的指导。

克里斯汀是 UBCP / ACTRA 妇女委员会的创始人 和现任主席。她在加拿大各大会议上不断提出性别 不平等的问题,特别是女性演员的权利问题。克莉 斯汀作为性别平等的积极倡导者、优秀的演员,她 通过银幕向全国传播性别平等的声音。 

One of Vancouver’s top actors, Christine Willes has extensive experience in TV, stage and film. Christine is internationally known as Delores Herbig in the Emmy-nominated TV series Dead Like Me, and the recipient of three Jessie Richardson theatre awards for excellence. Christine also coaches an international roster of actors. Christine is the founding and current chair of the UBCP/ACTRA Women’s Committee. She has presented on gender inequality at well-known conferences in Canada, and is a fierce advocate for women performers. Christine is a passionate advocate for gender equality and in her chosen profession, Christine is a leading national voice for gender equality in screen-based media.

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