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酷儿们 Tchindas


Tchinda 是佛得角最受欢迎的女性之一,尤其是在 1998 年她在当地报纸上声称自己是变性人之后。从那时起, 她的名字就成了当地人用来称呼佛得角同性恋的代称。每天下午,Tchinda 都很高兴地到附近的社区去卖她 最好的“coxinhas”,一种传统的巴西美食。但每年二月,这一切都会改变,这是他们狂欢节的前一个月, 当成千上万的人涌向街头时,岛上的慢节奏的气氛变成了疯狂的喧嚣。当地人联合起来,从虚无中创造出美丽 的东西。这部纪录片将给我们展现一个意想不到的非洲。

Tchinda is one of the most beloved women in Cape Verde, especially after she came out as a transgender person in the local newspaper in 1998. Since then, her name has become the term used by locals to refer to queer Cape Verdeans. Every afternoon, Tchinda happily tours the neighborhood to sell her best "coxinhas", a classic Brazilian treat. But every February this all changes. It is the month leading up to their Carnival, when the slow-paced atmosphere of the island transforms into a frenzied hustle and bustle as thousands flock to the streets. Locals join forces to create something beautiful out of nothing. This documentary is like a trip to an unknown side of Africa that very few may have ever imagined. 

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Insitut Originality Square, 798 District, 2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
北京德国文化中心 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区创意广场

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