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国内短片精选 A Selection of Chinese Short Films



Xiao Zhu is a lesser known actress that has retired into private life for many years. Recently, she was offered a chance to star in a play, but she now is married and has a 9 to 5 job. She is struggling to make a choice between her dream and settled life. 

Killer Smile 

危笑Killer Smile海报.jpg

单亲妈妈 Alice 在生出 Marco 的那一刻,他的笑容就杀死了医生,后续一系列的事件发生,致使视子如命的 她带着 Marco 亡命天涯,终于找到 Marco 可以安身的世界,而复仇者突然出现,至此母子命运发生了彻底 的改变。

The smile of a baby is the sweetest thing in the world. But what if the smile can kill others? What if you are the mother of that baby? Alice, an urban single-mother sacrifices everything to protect her baby boy Marco, who is born with a deadly smile that would kill anyone he smiles at, except herself. After the secret of Marco is revealed after a series of killing, the mother and the son are on the run. 




中六,是张晓彤 (Hazel) 和李芯淼 (Chantry) 第一次见面,而淼是插班生。随着后来的了解,二人成了好友。 可惜彼此的关系,因为 A-Level 放榜后失联而无疾而终,Chantry 的电话也停止服务。

从陌生到熟悉,从好友变成熟悉的陌生人。这 10 年间,我们在没有彼此的地方各自成长,亦有了新的伙伴, 新的故事。我和你,也许已不再是以前那模样,但我没忘那时,在同一片天空下笑得天真无虑的我们。

"Destiny brought us friendship, but we will never know when our friendship will end."

Hazel and Chantry first met each other in their secondary six. Chantry was the new comer at that time and they established their friendship when they knew each other more. Unfortunately, they lost the connection with each other after the A-level examination. And Hazel found that Chantry stopped her mobile phone service.

Time flies like an arrow. From strangers to close friends, from the time we talked a lot to now we never meet each other, we both changed a lot.

During these ten years, we grew up in our own world separately. We met new friends and had our new stories. Our relationship was no longer like the past but I will never forget the time when the sky echoed only with our happy laughter, with nothing else. 

A Broken Cake is Still a Cake


Nan's mother raised her alone after her divorce, but because of her own personal limitations, it is difficult for her to take care of herself and Nan, which is why she is heavily dependent on men. She is simple, chaste, eager to love and to be loved. She's always changing her boyfriend, but every time she fails, she blames Nan. Because of this, Nan is picked on by classmates and even gets into fights.

On her mother's birthday, they had a fight. Just like a mother, Nan taught her own mother how to argue, and her mother's childishness was similar her daughter. They are both vulnerable. In spite of this, Nan's mother became stronger and won the argument. In the end, she took revenge on Nan just like an army. 

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