Second Edition


The 2nd China Women’s Film Festival (CWFF),

ran for two weeks from November 22nd until December 7th 2014. From the first to second year the festival greatly increased in scale. The second year, the CWFF received the Intercultural Achievement Award from the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also gained the support from UN Women. The festival was again very well received with 3 000 people attending in the 4 cities that it visited.

The festival was held in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xi’an. It showed a total of 39 films from Chinese and international female directors tackling a wide variety of issues and organizing over 90 events. Nine female filmmakers attended the festival and took part in more than 20 Q&As and forums: Chinese filmmakers Louisa Wei, Huang Ji, Ying Weiwei, and Ren Wenwen, Hong Kong filmmaker Huang Yushan, Taiwanese filmmaker Kuo Yu-Yi, American filmmaker Lynne Sachs, and French filmmakers Mariana Otéro and Claire Simon. More than 20 feminists, academics, and other guests participated in the festival as well.


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